25th Anniversary Collection
    • 25th Anniversary Collection
    • Released in 2013
    • 96 Songs


    1You're Gonna Get YoursPublic Enemy
    1Countdown To ArmageddonPublic Enemy
    1Contract On The World Love JamPublic Enemy
    1Lost At BirthPublic Enemy
    1Whole Lotta Love Goin On In The Middle Of HellPublic Enemy
    1ResurrectionPublic Enemy
    2Sophisticated BitchPublic Enemy
    2Bring The NoisePublic Enemy
    2Brothers Gonna Work It OutPublic Enemy
    2RebirthPublic Enemy
    2Theatrical PartsPublic Enemy
    2He Got GamePublic Enemy
    3Miuzi Weighs A TonPublic Enemy
    3Don't Believe The HypePublic Enemy
    3911 Is A JokePublic Enemy
    3NighttrainPublic Enemy
    3Give It UpPublic Enemy
    3UnstoppablePublic Enemy
    4TimebombPublic Enemy
    4Cold Lampin' With FlavorPublic Enemy
    4Incident At 66.6 FMPublic Enemy
    4Can't Truss ItPublic Enemy
    4What Side You On?Public Enemy
    4Shake Your BootyFlavor Flav
    5Too Much PossePublic Enemy
    5Terminator X To The Edge Of PanicPublic Enemy
    5Welcome To The TerrordomePublic Enemy
    5I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo NigaPublic Enemy
    5Bedlam 13:13Public Enemy
    5Is Your God A DogPublic Enemy
    6Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)Public Enemy
    6Mind TerroristPublic Enemy
    6Meet The G That Killed MePublic Enemy
    6How To Kill A Radio ConsultantPublic Enemy
    6Stop In The Name...Public Enemy
    6House Of The Rising SonPublic Enemy
    7Public Enemy No.1Public Enemy
    7Louder Than A BombPublic Enemy
    7PollywanacrakaPublic Enemy
    7By The Time I Get To ArizonaPublic Enemy
    7What Kind Of Power We Got?Public Enemy
    7Revelation 33 1/3 RevolutionsPublic Enemy
    8M.P.E.Public Enemy
    8Caught, Can We Get A Witness?Public Enemy
    8Anti-Nigger MachinePublic Enemy
    8Move!Public Enemy
    8So Whatcha Gone Do Now?Public Enemy
    8Game FacePublic Enemy
    9Yo! Bum Rush The ShowPublic Enemy
    9Show 'Em Whatcha GotPublic Enemy
    9Burn Hollywood BurnPublic Enemy
    91 Million BottlebagsPublic Enemy
    9White Heaven/Black HellPublic Enemy
    9Politics Of The Sneaker PimpsPublic Enemy
    10Raise The RoofPublic Enemy
    10She Watch Channel Zero?!Public Enemy
    10Power To The PeoplePublic Enemy
    10More News At 11Public Enemy
    10Race Against TimePublic Enemy
    10What You Need Is JesusPublic Enemy
    11MegablastPublic Enemy
    11Night Of The Living BaseheadsPublic Enemy
    11Who Stole The Soul?Public Enemy
    11Shut 'Em DownPublic Enemy
    11They Used To Call It DopePublic Enemy
    11Super AgentPublic Enemy
    12Terminator X Speaks With His HandsPublic Enemy
    12Black Steel In The Hour Of ChaosPublic Enemy
    12Fear Of A Black PlanetPublic Enemy
    12A Letter To The New York PostPublic Enemy
    12Aintnuttin ButtersongPublic Enemy
    12Go Cat GoPublic Enemy
    13Security Of The First WorldPublic Enemy
    13Revolutionary GenerationPublic Enemy
    13Get The F... Outta DodgePublic Enemy
    13Live And Undrugged PT. 1 & 2Public Enemy
    13Sudden Death (Interlude)Public Enemy
    14Rebel Without A PausePublic Enemy
    14Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya, Man!Public Enemy
    14Bring Tha NoizeAnthrax
    14Thin Line Between Law & RapePublic Enemy
    15Prophets Of RagePublic Enemy
    15Reggie JaxPublic Enemy
    15I Ain't Mad At AllPublic Enemy
    16Party For Your Right To FightPublic Enemy
    16Leave This Off Your Fu*Kin ChartsPublic Enemy
    16Death Of A CarjackaPublic Enemy
    17B Side Wins AgainPublic Enemy
    17I Stand AccusedPublic Enemy
    18War At 33 1/3Public Enemy
    18Godd ComplexxPublic Enemy
    19Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The DamnedPublic Enemy
    19Hitler DayPublic Enemy
    20Fight The PowerPublic Enemy
    20Harry Allen's Interactive Super Highway Phone Call To Chuck DPublic Enemy
    21Living In A ZooPublic Enemy

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