Quincy Jones: Five Original Albums

Quincy Jones: Five Original Albums

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1Quincy's Home AgainQuincy Jones
2The Midnight Sun Never SetsQuincy Jones
3CherokeeQuincy Jones
4Count 'emQuincy Jones
5Brief EncounterQuincy Jones
6Room 308Quincy Jones
7Kinda BluesQuincy Jones
8Meet Benny BaileyQuincy Jones
9Doodlin'Quincy Jones
10SermonetteQuincy Jones
11Pogo StickQuincy Jones
12LizaQuincy Jones
13Jones BonesQuincy Jones
14Sometimes I'm HappyQuincy Jones
15Flight SK 641Quincy Jones
16Frantic BluesQuincy Jones
17Valley Stream SpecialQuincy Jones
18Wrappin' It UpQuincy Jones
19Dancin' PantsQuincy Jones
20Blues DayQuincy Jones
21Bright MoonQuincy Jones
22No Bones At AllQuincy Jones
23The Oom Is BluesQuincy Jones
24Be My GuestQuincy Jones
25What's New / We'll Be Together Again / Time On My Hands / You Go to My HeadQuincy Jones
26London DerriereQuincy Jones
27Kings Road BluesQuincy Jones
28Walkin'Quincy Jones
29Stockhoilm Sweetnin'Quincy Jones
30Evening In ParisQuincy Jones
31SermonetteQuincy Jones
32A Sleepin' BeeQuincy Jones
33Boo's BluesQuincy Jones
34Pleasingly PlumpQuincy Jones
35G'wan TrainQuincy Jones
36Chinese CheckersQuincy Jones
37You Turned the Tables On MeQuincy Jones
38Our Love Is Here to StayQuincy Jones
39The Midnight Sun Will Never SetQuincy Jones
40Trouble On My MindQuincy Jones
41A Sunday Kind of LoveQuincy Jones
42The Birth of a BandQuincy Jones
43Moanin'Quincy Jones
44I Remember CliffordQuincy Jones
45Along Came BettyQuincy Jones
46Tickle ToeQuincy Jones
47Happy PlacesQuincy Jones
48Whisper NotQuincy Jones
49The GypsyQuincy Jones
50A Change of PaceQuincy Jones
51Tuxedo JunctionQuincy Jones

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