Robert Fripp... Unplugged!
    • Robert Fripp... Unplugged!
    • Released in 2007
    • 79 Songs


    1The Indignities of Being a Working MusicianRobert Fripp
    1Introduction By Patricia FrippRobert Fripp
    1SoundscapesRobert Fripp
    1SoundscapesRobert Fripp
    1Question and Answer 3Robert Fripp
    1FrippnotizedRobert Fripp
    2How the Audience Affects the MusicRobert Fripp
    2Question and Answer 8Robert Fripp
    2Live PerformancesRobert Fripp
    2Robert's IntroductionRobert Fripp
    2Robert Reads Reviews 1Robert Fripp
    2About Robert's Sister, Patricia FrippRobert Fripp
    3Robert Reads Reviews 2Robert Fripp
    3Self Promotion/ ShamanRobert Fripp
    3GuitarRobert Fripp
    3AudiencesRobert Fripp
    3Surround SoundRobert Fripp
    3Favorite Sound at HomeRobert Fripp
    4EndorsementsRobert Fripp
    4FrippertronicsRobert Fripp
    4Robert Reads Reviews 3Robert Fripp
    4DetachmentRobert Fripp
    4Where Music Comes FromRobert Fripp
    4The Pointed StickRobert Fripp
    5Question and Answer 22Robert Fripp
    5Working MusiciansRobert Fripp
    5Guitar CraftRobert Fripp
    5Robert Reads Reviews 4Robert Fripp
    5Projects One and TwoRobert Fripp
    5Question and Answer 9Robert Fripp
    6Question and Answer 4Robert Fripp
    6Robert Reads Reviews 5Robert Fripp
    6Question and Answer 23Robert Fripp
    6King Crimson ContinuumRobert Fripp
    6King CrimsonRobert Fripp
    6Question and Answer 10Robert Fripp
    7The Master MusicianRobert Fripp
    7King Crimson FractalizationsRobert Fripp
    7Question and Answer 24Robert Fripp
    7Robert Reads Reviews 6Robert Fripp
    7Question and Answer 11Robert Fripp
    7Question and Answer 2Robert Fripp
    8Question and Answer 7Robert Fripp
    8Autographs or Radical FetishizationsRobert Fripp
    8Question and Answer 25Robert Fripp
    8Question and Answer 1Robert Fripp
    8Improvised MusicRobert Fripp
    8Question and Answer 12Robert Fripp
    9AutographsRobert Fripp
    9Question and Answer 13Robert Fripp
    9SemioticsRobert Fripp
    9Another ReviewRobert Fripp
    9Project OneRobert Fripp
    10Question and Answer 5Robert Fripp
    10Question and Answer 14Robert Fripp
    10Locked OutRobert Fripp
    11Question and Answer 26Robert Fripp
    11When Robert Met Jimi HendrixRobert Fripp
    11Question and Answer 15Robert Fripp
    12Question and Answer 27Robert Fripp
    12Preparing for a PerformanceRobert Fripp
    12Question and Answer 16Robert Fripp
    13Advice for Those Wanting to be Professional MusiciansRobert Fripp
    13How Robert's Bunny Runs the HouseRobert Fripp
    13Question and Answer 17Robert Fripp
    14ExpectationRobert Fripp
    14Record DealsRobert Fripp
    14Question and Answer 18Robert Fripp
    15Research and Development for King CrimsonRobert Fripp
    15Question and Answer 19Robert Fripp
    15Next Generation of King CrimsonRobert Fripp
    16The Power of Young MusiciansRobert Fripp
    16Question and Answer 28Robert Fripp
    16Question and Answer 20Robert Fripp
    17Question and Answer 21Robert Fripp
    17At HomeRobert Fripp
    17InspirationRobert Fripp
    18Final WordsRobert Fripp
    18Question and Answer 6Robert Fripp

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