Cellar Sounds: Vol. 1 - 1992-2998
    • Cellar Sounds: Vol. 1 - 1992-2998
    • Released in 2008
    • 44 Songs


    1IntroKid Capri
    1I Am (Intro)Quassan
    2It's TimeCella Dwellas
    2So AmazingIll Mentality
    3Can't Be Ya LoverShabaam Sahdeeq
    34 My Peeps (Unreleased Remix)Red Hot Lover Tone
    4Once Upon A Rhyme (Unreleased Remix #2)Rakim
    4The Definition (feat. The Cella Dwellas)Ran Reed
    5Final ChapterShadowz in Da Dark
    5Bright LightsShadowz in Da Dark
    6The Lesson of TodayPudgee
    6Napoleon (feat. DMX & Ran Reed)Napoleon (Pudgee)
    7Do My Body Good (feat. Miilkbone)Kandy Kane
    7Parkside MadnessLSD
    8VerseChubb Rock
    8Small WorldMilkbone
    9Underground Airplay InterludeRan Reed
    9Lyricist Lounge FreestyleChubb Rock
    10The Main Event (feat. Dwellas)Main One
    10Grab the Mic (feat. Chino XL)Ran Reed
    11First In, Last OutMister Fit
    12We in ThisDarc Mind
    12All is FairChannel Live
    13Inner City Blues (feat. DMX)Pudgee
    13My SkillsEmskee
    14Show Me Love (Unrelease Remix)Rakim
    14Let's Talk (feat. Phantasm)U.G
    15When the Shit Hits the FanShabaam Sahdeeq
    15Black Book InterludeRan Reed
    16MindbenderzMister Fit
    16Mental Earthquakes (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)Ran Reed
    17On the Regular (Unreleased Remix)Pudgee
    17Dirty Delaney (feat. K-Banger)Miilkbone
    18Lovin' U 4 DayzIll Mentality
    18Break FoolShadowz in Da Dark
    19Whutcha WantRan Reed
    19Still LowT-Ross
    20EnoughRan Reed
    20War Goin' OnNapoleon (Pudgee)
    21Sexy (feat. Baybe)Shabaam Sahdeeq
    21Final SceneLord Have Mercy
    22They Call YouLady Luck
    23Good Dwellas (Unreleased Remix)Cella Dwellas

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