Sucka Free Classics
    • Sucka Free Classics
    • Released in 2008
    • 57 Songs


    1IntroVarious Artists
    1How Low Can U GoVarious Artists
    2Back AgainRappin' 4-Tay
    2Drastic Times (feat. Nate)Various Artists
    3Straight Doin' ItCold World Hustlers
    3Lunatic ThoughtsVarious Artists
    4Hoe GamesDouble D
    4Locked UpSeff the Gaffla
    5Killa WhaleVarious Artists
    5Reel Shit (feat. Luck Dogg & Velski) (Remix)Various Artists
    6Gone Off the HenVarious Artists
    6Welcome to the Sucka FreeVarious Artists
    7The Whole ThangJT the Bigga Figga
    7The Way I RollVarious Artists
    8JealousyVarious Artists
    8Start to Finish (feat. T-Gurp)Young Know
    9AssassinsDush Tray
    911/5 On the Inside11/5
    10SwiftlyVarious Artists
    10Goin to tha LandVarious Artists
    11Master PlanVarious Artists
    11What Goes OnSan Quinn
    12GafflinVarious Artists
    12Anything GoesVarious Artists
    13Hold On to the MoneyVarious Artists
    13Messy SituationzVarious Artists
    14Mr. SandmanVarious Artists
    14Powder HardDo or Die
    15Bounce to ThisRBL Posse
    15Inner CityBaldhead Rick
    16Strictly SicklyVarious Artists
    16Stack the Most (feat. Primo)Big Mack
    17GRP IntroVarious Artists
    17Pushin KicksGuce
    18Fillmoe KillaDeco D
    18On That LevelU.D.I.
    19Sicc Out the Moe (feat. Young Know)Various Artists
    19The PlotVarious Artists
    20All Too CriticalVarious Artists
    20Road to RichesSuga Bear
    21Somethin' Fa Ya (feat. N.O.H. Mafia & Alias)Mr. Sandman
    21My Way (Inner City Mix)Young Ed
    22Walk Like a 'G'T Lowe
    22Memories (feat. Skeem)Various Artists
    23Straight KillasVarious Artists
    23Critical Decision (feat. Tione 800)Various Artists
    24Filthy SurroundingsTha Gamblaz
    24FrisconianVarious Artists
    25Cream of the Crop (feat. Playa-P)JT the Bigga Figga
    25It's OnYoung Cellski
    26A Dose of DopeVarious Artists
    26Chillin Like a VillainVarious Artists
    27Playin Fo KeepsKeylo
    27The Game Iz RealHugh E M.C.
    28Money MotivatedVarious Artists
    28Mobbin on the Weekend (feat. C-Rock)J-Mack
    29Trigga LockVarious Artists

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