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Reba #1's

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1Love Needs A HolidayReba McEntire
1You're Gonna BeReba McEntire
2For My Broken HeartReba McEntire
2Can't Even Get The BluesReba McEntire
3Is There Life Out ThereReba McEntire
3You're The First Time I've Thought About LeavingReba McEntire
4How BlueReba McEntire
4The Greatest Man I Never KnewReba McEntire
5It's Your CallReba McEntire
5Somebody Should LeaveReba McEntire
6Whoever's In New EnglandReba McEntire
6The Heart Won't LieReba McEntire
7Does He Love YouReba McEntire
7Little RockReba McEntire
8Till You Love MeReba McEntire
8What Am I Gonna Do About YouReba McEntire
9The Heart Is A Lonely HunterReba McEntire
9One Promise Too LateReba McEntire
10And StillReba McEntire
10The Last One To KnowReba McEntire
11Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her HandsReba McEntire
11Love Will Find Its Way To YouReba McEntire
12I Know How He FeelsReba McEntire
12The Fear Of Being AloneReba McEntire
13New Fool At An Old GameReba McEntire
13How Was I To KnowReba McEntire
14If You See Him, If You See HerReba McEntire
14Cathy's ClownReba McEntire
15Walk OnReba McEntire
15Forever LoveReba McEntire
16You LieReba McEntire
16What Do You SayReba McEntire
17Rumor Has ItReba McEntire
17I'm A SurvivorReba McEntire
18SomebodyReba McEntire

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