Soul Sisters (Album Version)

Soul Sisters (Album Version)

Rebecca Lynn Howard

I was raised in the hills of Kentucky
I grew up in L.A.
From different sides of the country
Every time we heard music play

We were learning our language
We were born to speak
We may not sing it the same way
But I hear what you're saying to me

Hey, hey
We're soul sisters
And roots run deep
We're soul sisters
Laying it down
And we're praying the soul to keep

Lord it took my breath away
When I heard a bottle neck slide
I felt blues in that bluegrass
That could not be denied
Here's to the peers and the pioneers
Who paved the way
And passed it down to you and me
This musical DNA


Music is a language
That we were born to speak
I sing the blues
And I moan the blues
But I hear what you're saying to me

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Published by BUG MUSIC

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