One More Time (Album Version)

One More Time (Album Version)


papa tangles with his wige
at the threat of his life
he can't get a little independence
say your sister's got a babe
her man has gone away
she cries like the dickens til morn
got no bread to pay the landlord
got a song to keep my head clear
one more time for your trouble
and you say the jell with it and keep repeating
say your brother's got a jones
and he looks like skin and bones
he says he can kick it when he wants to
or your mama's on her feet
she's eatin at the street
all your friends get the giggles when she pass
got no pride to face the world with
cus my head is on my chest i' looking downward
one more time and then the problem
got to straighten out my brain from going crazy
one more time etc...

Written by VEGAS, LOLLY
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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