Blow Your Mind (Remix)

Blow Your Mind (Remix)


* see the remix for the full Korean verse + translation

AHHHH!! Look out it's the Funkadelic Funk for chumps

who don't be knowin my name I tear the frame out ya punks

I make ya slide make ya slip make ya want to backflip

I get biz with the skit I DJ like Quik

The topnotch of the block cause I carry a glock

Only hot rocks I'm hot so give up the props

My style is HUMMIN CUMMIN ATCHA duck or get backed up

Dispatcher: 'Red, get freaky to the rapture'

So come on light the buddha check your honey while I scoop her

The Soopafly, Jimmy fly Snooka rips the roof off

Then hook off on your crew, to the check of one to two

It's you, who? (AGA-AHHH! WWAAAAAH!) Redman with the Kung-Fu

Come on and get down and boogie oogie with the ruffneck

Hit women like Madonna all the way down to Smurfette

But first get your tables I roast your whole record label kids

Yo E (Whassup G?) Briiiiiidge!

"Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind" (repeat 2X)

I do the hustle like Russell, Rush the stage with Simmons

Deadly venom, makes me Poison like Michael Bivins

or a cobra, pop more pop, than Coca-Cola

Next to Yoda I'm a Star at War, plus roller coaster

I got my mind made up GURRRRL, come on and get it if you widdit troop

Krush Groovin smooth as the lightning loops

The kind of loops I sample from a James Brown group

I give credit, cause I'm cautious, about lawsuits

PsychoBetaP-Funk, got styles hard as tree trunks

For real punk, you got a blunt, light it cause I need one

And get down with the irrelevant funk to make ya jump

with the fly human being, watch me freak it in Korean

Chu ri ka pi kyura mulla kara

Nu gu nya nada na na nun Redman

Na bo da challan nom hana do upda ...

... Nah Duke, forget it

I rip shop in hip-hop I get props my lip rocks

The rap stuff's more spooky than movies from Hitchcock

Sit back relax let me rip to the funk track

And press rewind if I haven't blown your mind ("REE-WIND!!" --> KRS-One)

"Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind"

"Press rewind if I.."

HA-UHH, let me get busy with the funky fly stuff

cause I cut your freakin eyes, fuck Bruce Willis because I die rough

It's the Funkadelic Redman and I hit ya with the

Funkadelic level, the P-Funk, the devil

The spectular, Blackula, bust holes like Dracula

Loaded of course, more Legend than Acura

I'm swift, I like big spliffs so I tisk tisk a tasket

Plus keep the glock in my basket

I cough up a lung cause I freak it with the tongue

cause I can 'Wax on! Wax off!' like Daniel-son

Do the yea yea, boogey say up jump the boogey

to the boogey to the boogey thanks to E cause he hooked me

So fuck what ya heard, word to herb, cause I mack

Framalama, plus I kick the grammar, straight from -- NEW JERZ

It's the renegade rap Redman, really who rip rhymes in rough mode

Yo, hold your breath while I explode!

"Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind"

"Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind"

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