• Horrified
    • Released in 2003
    • 48 Songs


    1Armies of the Dead (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)Repulsion
    1The Stench of Burning DeathRepulsion
    2Eaten AliveRepulsion
    2Satan's Whores (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)Repulsion
    3Crack of Doom (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)Repulsion
    3Acid BathRepulsion
    4Armies of the Dead (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    4Slaughter of the InnocentRepulsion
    5Six Feet Under (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    6Radiation SicknessRepulsion
    6Violent Death (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    7The Lurking Fear (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    7Splattered CadaversRepulsion
    8Crack of Doom (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    8Festering BoilsRepulsion
    9Horrified (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)Repulsion
    9Pestilent DecayRepulsion
    10The Stench of Burning Death (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    11Driven To InsanityRepulsion
    11Decomposed (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    12Six Feet UnderRepulsion
    12Slaughter of the Innocent (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    13Bodily DismembermentRepulsion
    13Eaten Alive (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    14Six Feet Under (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    15The Lurking FearRepulsion
    15Crypt of Terror (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    16The Lurking Fear (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    16Black BreathRepulsion
    17Maggots In Your CoffinRepulsion
    17Festering Boils (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    18Pestilent Decay (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    19Black Nightmare (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    20Bodily Dismemberment (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    21Horrified (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)Repulsion
    22Radiation Sickness (Genocide Live 5/15/86)Repulsion
    23Black Breath (Genocide Live 5/15/86)Repulsion
    24Excruciation (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)Repulsion
    25Helga (Lost Her Head) (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)Repulsion
    26Rebirth (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)Repulsion
    27House of Freaks (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)Repulsion
    28Depraved (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)Repulsion
    29Face of Decay (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)Repulsion
    30Something Dead (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)Repulsion

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