Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Song And Chanteys
    • Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Song And Chanteys
    • Released in 2008
    • 43 Songs


    1Cape Cod GirlsVarious Artists
    1BoneyVarious Artists
    2Mingulay Boat SongVarious Artists
    2Good Ship VenusVarious Artists
    3My Son JohnVarious Artists
    3Long Time AgoVarious Artists
    4Fire Down BelowVarious Artists
    4Pinery BoyVarious Artists
    5Turkish RevelryVarious Artists
    5Lowlands LowVarious Artists
    6Bully In The AlleyVarious Artists
    6One Spring MorningVarious Artists
    7the Cruel Ship''s CaptainVarious Artists
    7Hog Eye ManVarious Artists
    8Dead HorseVarious Artists
    8The FiddlerVarious Artists
    9Spanish LadiesVarious Artists
    9Caroline And Her Young Sailor BoldVarious Artists
    10Coast Of High BarbaryVarious Artists
    10Fathom The BowlVarious Artists
    11Haul Away JoeVarious Artists
    11What Do We Do With A Drunken SailorVarious Artists
    12Dan DanVarious Artists
    12Farewell NancyVarious Artists
    13Blood Red RosesVarious Artists
    13Hanging JohnnyVarious Artists
    14Sally BrownVarious Artists
    14Old Man Of The SeaVarious Artists
    15Lowlands AwayVarious Artists
    15Greenland Whale FisheriesVarious Artists
    16Baltimore WhoresVarious Artists
    16Shallow BrownVarious Artists
    17Rolling SeaVarious Artists
    17The Grey Funeral LineVarious Artists
    18The MermaidVarious Artists
    18A Drop Of Nelson's BloodVarious Artists
    19Haul On The BowlineVarious Artists
    19Leave Her JohnnyVarious Artists
    20A Dying Sailor To His ShipmatesVarious Artists
    20Little Boy BillyVarious Artists
    21Bonnie PortmoreVarious Artists
    22ShenandoahVarious Artists
    23The Cry Of ManVarious Artists

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