Triple Option

Triple Option

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1Looking For a CityRick & Bubba
2Greg Drops Couch Out Of TruckRick & Bubba
3Rick's Dixie TruckRick & Bubba
4Adler's Bingo GameRick & Bubba
5Speedy Is An Over-Aggressive GreeterRick & Bubba
6Greg Can't Find 8 PointRick & Bubba
7Dickey Nadmeyer Live From New OrleansRick & Bubba
8Greg Rants On Apple ProductsRick & Bubba
9Rick's Encounter With a PA AnnouncerRick & Bubba
10Dippin' Dan Takes Job In OhioRick & Bubba
11Big Momma Whomp WhompRick & Bubba
12Bad Parent DecisionsRick & Bubba
13Song ConfessionsRick & Bubba
14Greg Is So UngratefulRick & Bubba
15Zookeeper Licks Monkey's ButtRick & Bubba
16Sherri The Backseat DriverRick & Bubba
17Adler Gets Mother's Day Gift At Cracker BarrelRick & Bubba
18Big Love Learns to Mow GrassRick & Bubba
19Fried Food Not Bad For YouRick & Bubba
20Helmsey Sleeps In ShirtsRick & Bubba
21What Defines a NapRick & Bubba
22Adler Digs Up Human WaistRick & Bubba
23Favorite Food Play-OffRick & Bubba
24Speedy's Son Reese the ReaderRick & Bubba
25Greg Is Not a MultitaskerRick & Bubba
26Rick Eats Missionary's FoodRick & Bubba
27Country Spelling Bee MisunderstandingRick & Bubba
28Rick's Tuesday Fodder ResultsRick & Bubba
29Chas Bono On Dancing With the StarsRick & Bubba
30Rick's Mom In LondonRick & Bubba

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