Evita (New Broadway Cast Recording (2012))
    • Evita (New Broadway Cast Recording (2012))
    • Released in 2012
    • 28 Songs


    1Requiem for EvitaEvita Ensemble (2012)
    1On the Balcony of the Casa RosadaMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    2Oh, What a CircusRicky Martin;Elena Roger
    2Don't Cry for Me ArgentinaElena Roger
    3On This Night of a Thousand StarsMax von Essen;Ricky Martin;Elena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    3High Flying, AdoredRicky Martin;Elena Roger
    4Eva, Beware of the CityMax von Essen;Elena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    4Rainbow HighElena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    5Buenos AiresElena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    5Rainbow TourMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    6Goodnight and Thank YouRicky Martin;Elena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    6The Chorus Girl Hasn't Learned the Lines (You'd Like to Hear)Elena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    7The Art of the PossibleMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    7And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    8Charity ConcertRicky Martin;Max von Essen;Elena Roger;Michael Cerveris;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    8Santa EvitaMaya Jade Frank;Isabella Moner;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    9I'd Be Surprisingly Good For YouElena Roger;Michael Cerveris
    9Waltz for Eva and CheRicky Martin;Elena Roger
    10Another Suitcase in Another HallElena Roger;Rachel Potter;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    10You Must Love MeElena Roger
    11Perón's Latest FlameRicky Martin;Elena Roger;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    11She Is a DiamondMichael Cerveris;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    12A New ArgentinaMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    12Dice Are RollingMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Ricky Martin
    13Eva's Final BroadcastRicky Martin;Elena Roger
    14MontageMichael Cerveris;Elena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    15LamentElena Roger;Ricky Martin;Evita Ensemble (2012)
    16No Llores por Mi Argentina (Bonus Track)Elena Roger

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