Silver Spines

    Silver Spines
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    1Moving Through And Back Again (the quietude of moving through you and back again)Rob Mazurek
    2Cloth And Bells Cut 3:16-3:44Rob Mazurek
    3Breathe And Silver Spines Contained (for Stanley Kubrick)Rob Mazurek
    4Birds Song & So Sang To ThemRob Mazurek
    5Patterns And Fixations Along The Path Of Seeing RedRob Mazurek
    6Feel Ard...Ardeel...Feeling Hard...Falling Harder (with Casey Rice on nord micro modular)Rob Mazurek
    7Haphazard Half Hazardous...Frequencies Push Through Another And AnotherRob Mazurek
    8For, Love (No Burst In Beginning)Rob Mazurek
    9Through The Window There Was A Green And Blue DressRob Mazurek
    10Metal Monsters Never Fail Me Now (with Casey Rice on metal monster)Rob Mazurek
    11Composition 56 In The 4th Place And Still LookingRob Mazurek
    12Them Sang So_Song BirdsRob Mazurek
    13Remember The Time It Spun out And Fell Into Itself. It Never Stopped Rising... (with Casey Rice on nord micro modular)Rob Mazurek
    14Quietly SleepingRob Mazurek
    15How Time Turns In On Itself ((Or) That Thought I Had Next Thrusday)Rob Mazurek
    16Underwater And Trying To Find The StarsRob Mazurek
    17Still Looking But Not BreathingRob Mazurek
    18Love, For (Slight Burst At The Beginning)Rob Mazurek

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