• Improvement
    • Released in 2005
    • 30 Songs


    1The Argument (Prelude)Robert Ashley
    2Sunset At The Turnoff (Sc. 1)Robert Ashley
    3The Airline Ticket Counter (Sc. 2)Robert Ashley
    4The Correspondences Text (Sc. 3)Robert Ashley
    5The Ride To Town (Sc. 4)Robert Ashley
    6The Airline Ticket Counter (Sc.5)Robert Ashley
    7The Indifference Text (Sc. 6)Robert Ashley
    8Back Home... (Sc. 7)Robert Ashley
    9Mr. George Payne (Sc. 8)Robert Ashley
    10The Contents Of Her Purse (Sc. 9)Robert Ashley
    11Supper With Mr. Payne's Mother (Sc. 10)Robert Ashley
    12Golf Left-Handed (Sc. 11)Robert Ashley
    13A Moment (Very Late)... (Sc. 12)Robert Ashley
    14The Big City (Sc. 13)Robert Ashley
    15TarzanRobert Ashley
    16The Big City (Continued)Robert Ashley
    17The Doctor (Sc. 14)Robert Ashley
    18The Offering Of ImagesRobert Ashley
    19The Goodlife (Sc. 15)Robert Ashley
    20Trouble (Sc. 16)Robert Ashley
    21The Goodlife (Continued) (1)Robert Ashley
    22Trouble (Continued)Robert Ashley
    23The Goodlife (Continued) (2)Robert Ashley
    24A Place In The Country (Sc. 17)Robert Ashley
    25Happiness, Prosperity And Forgetfulness (Sc. 18)Robert Ashley
    26The Bridge Game (Sc. 19)Robert Ashley
    27North (Berlin/A Tango) (Sc. 20)Robert Ashley
    28East (River Rouge) (Sc. 21)Robert Ashley
    29South (Campo Dei Fiori, Rome) (Sc. 22)Robert Ashley
    30West (Atlantis) (Sc. 23)Robert Ashley

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