Stonebridge: The Remixes
    • Stonebridge: The Remixes
    • Released in 2011
    • 23 Songs


    1Satisfy My Love (House Factor Mix)Sabrina Johnston
    2Make My Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)Shawn Christopher
    3See The Day (Stonebridge Club Mix)Various Artists
    4Do It For Love (Stonebridge Essential Mix)Various Artists
    5Back It Up (Stonebridge & Johnny Boy Club Mix)Robin S.
    6Feel What You Want (Stonebridge Club Mix)Kristine W
    7Better Late Than Never (Nick Nice & Stonebridge Mix)Lafayette
    8Joy (Stonebridge Club Mix)Staxx
    97 Days & 7 Nights (Stonebridge Club Mix)Blak Beat Niks
    10One Day At A Time (Stonebridge Big 10 Club Mix)Blak Beat Niks
    11Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)Robin S.
    12Luv 4 Luv (Stonebridge Club Mix)Robin S.
    13Make The World Go Round (Stonebridge 12" Mix)Sandy B
    14One More Try (Nick Nice & Stonebridge Vibey Club Mix)Kristine W
    15I Believe (Nick Nice & Stonebridge '96 Recon)Various Artists
    16I Need Your Love (Stonebridge & Johnny Boy Club Mix)Various Artists
    17Stand Up (Stonebridge Club Mix)Various Artists
    18See The Day (Stonebridge Dub)Various Artists
    19I Believe (Nick Nice & Stonebridge 70's Mix)Various Artists
    20One More Try (Nick Nice & Stonebridge Dedicated Dub)Kristine W
    21Do It For Love (Stonebridge Garage Mix)Various Artists
    22Stand Up (Stonebridge Deep Mix)Various Artists
    23DJ Mix by Stonebridge (Continuous DJ Mix)Stonebridge

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