Rod Stewart

Yeah, I can tell by the look in your eyes
You've been bored for a long
Long time.
You need love and so do I

Let's turn it all around.
I don't want an everlasting thing
I don't care if I see you again.
So grab your coat and Honey

Tell your friends
You won't be home
You won't be home
You won't be home.

Tonight I'm yours, do anything that you want me to
Don't hurt me
Don't hurt me. Tonight I'm yours
Do anything cause I want you to

Just don't hurt me
Yeah, I don't really want to challenge you
Marry you or remember you.

I just want to make love to you
For 24 hours or more
Or more.
I'm only looking for a fantasy

An interlude from reality
Don't want nobody tryin' to rescue me
So rock me Babe
Rock me Babe

Rock me
Rock me.
Tonight I'm yours
And tomorrow morning we won't cry

You go your way Honey
I go mine.
I'm the one who didn't waste your time
Remember me this way.
And if you never see my face again

Think of me as a permanent friend
The one that loved you like a hurricane
Then disappeared

Tonight I'm yours
Tonight I'm yours
Tonight you're mine

Tonight you're mine
Do anything
Do anything

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