Ca ira [CD Version]
    • Ca ira [CD Version]
    • Released in 2005
    • 38 Songs


    1The Gathering StormRoger Waters
    1The Fugitive KingRoger Waters
    2OvertureRoger Waters
    2"But the Marquis of Boulli has a trump card up his sleeve..."Roger Waters
    3A Garden in Vienna 1765Roger Waters
    3"To take your hat off..."Roger Waters
    4"The echoes never fade from that fusillade..."Roger Waters
    4"Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine..."Roger Waters
    5Kings, Sticks and BirdsRoger Waters
    5The Commune de ParisRoger Waters
    6"Honest bird, simple bird..."Roger Waters
    6"Vive la Commune de Paris..."Roger Waters
    7"I want to be King..."Roger Waters
    7"The National Assembly is confused..."Roger Waters
    8"Let us break all the shields..."Roger Waters
    8The Execution of Louis CapetRoger Waters
    9The Grievances of the PeopleRoger Waters
    9"Adieu Louis for you it's over..."Roger Waters
    10Marie Antoinette - The Last Night on EarthRoger Waters
    10France in DisarrayRoger Waters
    11"Adieu my good and tender sister..."Roger Waters
    11"To laugh is to know how to live..."Roger Waters
    12LibertyRoger Waters
    12"Slavers, Landlords, Bigots at your door..."Roger Waters
    13"And in the bushes where they survive..."Roger Waters
    13The Fall of the BastilleRoger Waters
    14"To freeze in the dead of night..."Roger Waters
    15"So to the streets in the pouring rain..."Roger Waters
    16Dances and MarchesRoger Waters
    17"Now Hear Ye!..."Roger Waters
    18"Flushed with wine..."Roger Waters
    19The LetterRoger Waters
    20"My dear Cousin Bourbon of Spain..."Roger Waters
    21"The ship of state is all at sea..."Roger Waters
    22Silver, Sugar and IndigoRoger Waters
    23"To the Windward Isles..."Roger Waters
    24The Papal EdictRoger Waters
    25"In Paris there's a rumble under the ground..."Roger Waters

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