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    1Pure Love (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    2(I'd Be) A Legend in My Time (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    3Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    4Daydream About Night Things (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    5(I'm A) Stand by My Woman Man (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    6Let My Love Be Your Pillow (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    7It Was Almost Like a Song (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    8Only One Love in My Life (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    9My Heart (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    10Smoky Mountain Rain (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    11Am I Losing You (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    12(There's) No Gettin' Over Me (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    13I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    14Any Day Now (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    15He Got You (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    16Don't You Know How Much I Love You (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    17Stranger in My House (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    18Still Losing You (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    19Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night)Ronnie Milsap
    20In Love (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    21Make No Mistake, She's Mine (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap
    22A Woman In Love (Remastered)Ronnie Milsap

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