Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 1
    • Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 1
    • Released in 1995
    • 25 Songs


    1Lord Of The Starfields (Live Version)Bruce Cockburn with Rob Wasserman
    2Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    3Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Live Version)Bruce Cockburn with Rob Wasserman
    4Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    5Too Long In The Wasteland (Live Version)James McMurtry
    6Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    7Safeside (Live Version)James McMurtry
    8Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    9Polaroids (Live Version)Shawn Colvin
    10Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    11Shotgun Down The Avalanche (Live Version)Shawn Colvin & Mary Chapin Carpenter
    12Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    13Come On Come On (Live Version)Mary Chapin Carpenter with Shawn Colvin
    14The Levee Song (Live Version)Darden Smith with Denny McDermitt & Zev Katz
    15Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    16What We Really Want (Live Version)Rosanne Cash with David Byrne John Leventhal & Zev Katz
    17Intro (Live Version)Rosanne Cash
    18Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Live Version)Rosanne Cash With John Leventhal
    19Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    20Raina (Live Version)Peter Himmelman
    21I'm Your Man (Live Version)Leonard Cohen
    22Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    23Coming Back To You (Live Version)Leonard Cohen
    24Intro (Live Version)Jim Monaghan
    25Cry Of A Tiny Babe (Live Version)Bruce Cockburn with Lou Reed, Rosanne Cash & Rob Wasserman

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