Saddle Tramp Country Favorites

Saddle Tramp Country Favorites

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1Riders in the SkySons of the Pioneers
2Old FaithfulVarious Artists
3Fate of Old Strawberry RoanWilf Carter
4Give Me a Pinto PalElton Britt
5I'd Rather Have a Pony Than a GirlVarious Artists
6Strawberry RoanVarious Artists
7Rock Me to Sleep in My SaddleRoy Rogers
8Old Boko and MeTex Morton
9Take Me Back to My Boots and SaddleGene Autry
10Smoky That Wild StallionSmoky Dawson
11Old Faithful and IVarious Artists
12Concerning the Return of Charlie HorseVarious Artists
13Music in My Pony's FeetVarious Artists
14Yip NeddyVarious Artists
15The Bushman's RodeoVarious Artists
16Snowy River RidersVarious Artists
17There;s a Bridle Hanging on the WallVarious Artists
18MandrakeTex Morton
19Albino, Pink Eyed StallionVarious Artists
20My Pony's Hair Turned GreyVarious Artists
21AristocratTex Morton
22It's Great to Be Back in the SaddleWilf Carter
23Rocky Ned (The Outlaw)Tex Morton
24My Pinto Pony and IVarious Artists
25Concerning Charlie HorseVarious Artists
26Ridin' Along Singing a SongHank Snow
27A Cowboy Needs a HorseRoy Rogers

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