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    Very Best Of
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    1The Drunkard Song (There Is A Tavern In The Town)Rudy Vallée
    2Heigh-Ho, Everybody, Heigh-HoRudy Vallée
    3Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?Rudy Vallée
    4As Time Goes ByRudy Vallée
    5Weary RiverRudy Vallée
    6Life Is Just A Bowl Of CherriesRudy Vallée
    7Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To SleepRudy Vallée
    8The Whiffenpoof SongRudy Vallée
    9Just An Echo In The ValleyRudy Vallée
    10The Stein Song (University Of Maine)Rudy Vallée
    11When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The TubaRudy Vallée
    12MarieRudy Vallée
    13I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan (The Blue Pajama Song)Rudy Vallée
    14Lonely TroubadourRudy Vallée
    15My Time Is Your TimeRudy Vallée
    16Vieni, VieniRudy Vallée
    17Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?Rudy Vallée
    18You're Driving Me CrazyRudy Vallée
    19Deep NightRudy Vallée
    20Lover, Come Back To MeRudy Vallée
    21OutsideRudy Vallée
    22I'm Just A Vagabond LoverRudy Vallée
    23Let's Do ItRudy Vallée
    24St. Louis BluesRudy Vallée
    25Miss YouRudy Vallée
    26The One In The WorldRudy Vallée
    27HoneyRudy Vallée
    28The One That I Love Loves MeRudy Vallée
    29If I Had A Girl Like YouRudy Vallée
    30If You Were The Only Girl In The WorldRudy Vallée
    31S'posin'Rudy Vallée
    32I'm Still CaringRudy Vallée
    33Stein SongRudy Vallée
    34ReminiscingRudy Vallée
    35The Song Without A NameRudy Vallée
    36On The AlamoRudy Vallée
    37Me Queres?Rudy Vallée
    38A Little Kiss Each MorningRudy Vallée
    39Kitty From Kansas CityRudy Vallée
    40I'll Be Reminded Of YouRudy Vallée

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