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In Defense Of The Genre

In Defense Of The Genre

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1Skinny, Mean ManSay Anything
1Spay MeSay Anything
2No SoulSay Anything
2In Defense Of The GenreSay Anything
3That Is WhySay Anything
3The Truth Is, You Should Lie With MeSay Anything
4Surgically Removing The Tracking DeviceSay Anything
4The Word You WieldSay Anything
5This is F***ing EcstasySay Anything
5VexedSay Anything
6The Church ChannelSay Anything
6About FallingSay Anything
7Shiksa (Girlfriend)Say Anything
7You're The Wanker, If Anyone IsSay Anything
8Baby Girl, I'm A Blur (MAIN)Say Anything
8SporesSay Anything
9Retarded In LoveSay Anything
9We Killed ItSay Anything
10People Like You Are Why People Like Me ExistSay Anything
10Have At Thee!Say Anything
11Died A JewSay Anything
11Hangover SongSay Anything
12An Insult To The DeadSay Anything
12Goodbye Young Tutor, You've Now Outgrown MeSay Anything
13Sorry, Dudes. My Bad.Say Anything
13I Used To Have A HeartSay Anything
14PleaSay Anything

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