Say Anything

It's too much to do on my own
My friends I need you now
I'm sorry that I wrecked that tour for us
Drugs, left me freaking out on the bus
Snapping into Slim Jims
Out to save some souls
If I can't do my job
My god, what am I even here for

I want to be back in the van
Where evil never wouldn't or couldn't or should ever understand
Back in the van
It's saving, with their outrageous grandstand

"Dude, I know you got your problems, we all do"

"I'm here with you man, we've been in this band forever, don't let it go man"

"Max I will sell you this xanax for five dollars
And we can go to the waffle house and talk about Anna"

'Cause if you want it
Then come and get it
We're all with you now
We're all with you now
'Cause if you think it
Then you can make it
We're all with you now
We're all with you


Forever yours I am,
Like the ocean to the sand
Forever in debt to my band
Like I'm in the palm or your hand
Forever wondering why
Like a skeptic to the sky
Forever yours and yours and yours and yours
I am, goodbye


Written by BEMIS, MAX
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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