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What'd ya call me?

[Yo yo D yo check out them girls over there man

?? ready you down? Let's roll on 'em

You wid it? Come on let's do it

Hey a yeah my name's Hurby Luv Bug this is my man D

We're checkin' y'all out we know y'all were checking us out

So we said hey what the hell just roll on over but...

y'all want to come down over to the crib?

A little place I got over there in the Hills

Ya know, fat jacuzzi...we can get busy]

Homegirls, attention you must pay

So listen close to what I say

Don't take this a simple rhyme

'cause this type of thing happens all the time

Now what would you do if a stranger said hi?

Would you dis him or would you reply?

If you answer there is a chance

That you'd become a victim of circumstance

Am I right, fellas? Tell the truth

Or else I'm-a have to show and prove

You are what you are, I am what I am

It just so happens that most men are...

Tramp (What'd ya call me?)

[Mmmm-hmmm, babe, I ain't gonna lie - you look good

I know it - I look good, too

But why don't you and me and my dog

Go do the do]

Have you ever seen a dude who's stupid and rude?

Whenever he's around he dogs your mood

I know a guy like that, girl

He thinks he's God's gift to the world

You know that kind, excited all the time

With nothing but sex on the mind

I'm no stunt, on me he can't front

I know the real deal, I know what they want

It's me (Why?) Because I'm so sexy

It's me (What?) Don't touch my body! (Boy!)

'cause you see I ain't no skeezer

But on a real tip I think he's a...

Tramp (What'd ya call me?)

[Huh, what? Hey, whoa, wait a minute...

It's not what it looks like, baby, just chill

Wait a minute, where you goin'?

I'm tryin' to tell you it ain't exactly...

Look, what are you doin' with that bat?]

On the first date he thought I was a dummy

He had the nerve to tell me he loved me

But of course, I knew it was a lie, y'all

He undressed me with his eyeballs

Trying to change the whole subject

'cause everything he said pertained to sex

So I dissed him, I said, "You's a sucker!

Get your dirty mind out the gutter

You ain't gettin' paid, you ain't knockin' boots

You ain't treating me like no prostitute"

Then I walked away, he called me a teaser

You're on a mission, kid - yo, he's a...

Tramp (What'd ya call me?)

[Yo, baby, come here for a second

I ain't your baby, tramp

You sick little...

Oh yeah? Your sister]


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