Child To Man

Child To Man

Sammy Hagar

Sometimes I feel like a man
With the whole world, in the palm of my hand
But sometimes, I know a man wouldn't understand
And that's when I need you right there by my side
To keep me satisfied

I see myself, I've got whiskers on my chin
I've got a feelin' a whole new world is about to begin
Yeah, it sure looks like it's, it's childhood fears
When girls turn into ladies and a boy becomes a man
From child to man

And my part-time job just doesn't make it, anymore
And what used to be fun is turning out to be a bore
And my mom and dad, they're about to kick me out the door
It's a caravan!

It feels like a straight line from child to man
From child to man, oh yeah

Father, I can see what you've been through
And the road you took, well, it's the best that you could do
And some things you told me, you know, they turned out to be true
You said, "When a child get's lonely, it's no different than a man"
Well, now I understand

From child to man
From child to man
From child to man

Written by HAGAR, SAMMY
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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