Winner Takes It All

Winner Takes It All

Sammy Hagar

I watch with open eyes
Until it's time,
To take it all the way

The game is ours to play.
Oh tell me why
There are no alibis

[Chorus: ]
Winner takes it all,
Loser takes a fall
Fight to the beginning of the end
Winner takes it all
Until he breaks the fall
In time he'll make it over the top

You listen when I say,
There's a dream
Oh that's comin' true today, yeah

Never turn away
When the challenge is alive
The choice is yours to make
In every chance you take

[Chorus: ]

First the mind-then the soul
And when the heart
Gets pumped up for the goal
There's no defeat-you'd sooner die
It's man to man
As we stand eye to eye

[Chorus: Repeat 3x]

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