People want my power,
And they want more station,
Stormed my winter palace,
But they couldn't take it!
All the way to Paris,
Run my reputation,
Try to pull my status,
But they couldn't fake it!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Trying to put a bullet on you guys won't go,
Looking for your ticket, the less will go,
But your guys won't go!
Man, you look on, you look on your race,
But I'm too gone, I' too gone…
When you get on, you get on, you shake it!
Man, took on, took on, too much don't blow!


Can I get a witness, closer look,
And you could be the widget to my turbo,
Let me see your status on a closer look,
Do you forget, forget the basics?
On a you must go search,
And it's too far; it's too far the basis,
But you're slipping, you're sliding,
Can make it go!


How hard we found
Another instrument to crash you,
Crash you, crash you!
I need another instrument to crash you
Crash you, crash you!
I need, crash you!
Ha, ha, ha, crash you!


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