I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise

I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise

Sarah Vaughan

All you preachers
Who delight in panning the dancing teachers
Let me tell you there are a lot of features
Of the dance that carry you through
The gates of Heaven

It's madness
To be always sitting around in sadness
When you could be learning the steps of gladness
You'll be happy when you can do
Just six or seven

Begin today
You'll find it nice
The quickest way to Paradise
When you practice
Here's the thing to know
Simply say as you go

I'll build a stairway to Paradise
With a new step every day
I'm gonna get there at any price
Stand aside; I'm on my way
I've got the blues
And up above it's so fair
Shoes, go on and carry me there
I'll build a stairway to Paradise
With a new step every day

Every new step
Helps a bit, but any old kind of two-step
Does as well; it don't matter what step you step
If you work it into your soul
You'll get to Heaven
Get busy
Dance with Maud the countess or just plain Lizzy
Dance until you're blue in the face and dizzy
When you've learned to dance in your sleep
You're sure to win out

In time you'll get Saint Vitus dance
Which beats the latest thing from France
Take no chances on this Paradise
Let me give you advice

[Chorus: x 2]

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