Raggamuffin (Album Version)

Raggamuffin (Album Version)

Selah Sue

You never had it easy, I know
But I still remember you,
And what we used to say, so
If this is my song for you, my friend
You can only see that I, can hardly let things go, oh oh yeah
So listen to the sound of my voice
Your brothers sending all my love, it's givin' me no choice, no no no
Listen to the sound of my voice
Raggamuffin is a freedom fighter, he's handling a choice and I know that

Dear raggamuffin is one of the friends
What you see is what you really need in the end
What you ever gonna gonna do I dunno

And fear raggamuffin shall I knock for the dawn
'Cause she has the wisdom of a not fool around
What-a is a good sense see under ya ground, yeah

You never had it easy I know
But I still remember you, and what we had so
This my song for you, my friends
You could only see that I, will never forget, yeah yeah

Ooh ooh ooh, yeah

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