King Jammy's Selectors Choice Vol.1

    King Jammy's Selectors Choice Vol.1
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    1Pumpkin BellyTenor Saw
    1Ain't No MeaningWayne Smith
    2Call The PoliceJohn Wayne
    2Draw Mi MarkNitty Gritty
    3People Are You ReadyJohnny Osbourne
    3Under Mi Sleng TengWayne Smith
    4Buddy ByeJohnny Osbourne
    4It A RingTonto Irie
    5In DehPad Anthony
    5Original Fat ThingEcho Minott
    6Eagles FeatherNicodemus
    6Hog In A MintyNitty Gritty
    7The ExitDennis Brown
    8Big Belly ManAdmiral Bailey
    8What A La LaJohnny Osbourne
    9Come AlongWayne Smith
    9Synthesizer VoicePompidoo
    10False AlarmNitty Gritty
    10Must Love ReggaeShabba Ranks
    11Good Morning TeacherNitty Gritty
    11Don't Pirate ItRisto Benji
    12Me Nuh ResponseMajor Worries
    12Stalag ExcursionDean Fraser
    13Police Inna EnglandPeter Metro
    13Mr. LandlordHalf Pint
    14Girlie GirlieTonto Irie
    14It's MagicDennis Brown
    15No WarriorJunior Delgado
    15Nah Look No WukCocoa Tea
    16Clarks BootyLittle John
    17WarriorJohnny Osbourne
    17Let Off SupumLeroy Smart
    18Bad Bwoy Gone A JailSuper Black
    18AdvantageAdmiral Tibet
    19It's OverHugo Barrington
    19Material GirlDennis Brown
    20Shame To SeeAdmiral Tibet

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