Detours (Album Version)

Detours (Album Version)

Sheryl Crow

Mother, can you hold me together
It's so dark and I'm losing my way
I took all of these detours to find love
But when I did, it just faded away

Now what do I do
With this sweet love of mine
Do I give it away and
Hope someday I'll find
Someone half as awake
As the moon and the stars
Mother, teach me to love
With a paper-thin heart

Mother, your words are so healing
You speak of love and of light and of peace
But I've made it my course to avoid you
Just to hide from these feelings of grief

[Chorus: x2]

Mother, I know you are with me
You were there when I took my first breath
I can't stop looking back for the answers
I just keep coming up with regret
There are some things I just can't forget.

Written by CROW, SHERYL
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Chrysalis One Music

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