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1Picture Me Without You (Studio)Shirley Temple
2Get on Board, Li'l Children (Studio)Shirley Temple
3He Was A Dandy (Studio)Shirley Temple
4Hey, What Did the Blue Jay Say? (Studio)Shirley Temple
5Dixie-Abba (Studio)Shirley Temple
6In Our Little Wooden Shoes (Studio)Shirley Temple
7On the Good Ship Lollipop (Studio)Shirley Temple
8Baby Take a Bow (Studio)Shirley Temple
9Laugh, You Son of a Gun (Studio)Shirley Temple
10The World Owes Me a Living (Studio)Shirley Temple
11On Account of I Love You (Studio)Shirley Temple
12Love's Young Dream (Studio)Shirley Temple
13The Toy Trumpet (Studio)Shirley Temple
14Animal Crackers in My Soup (Studio)Shirley Temple
15When I Grow Up (Studio)Shirley Temple
16Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Studio)Shirley Temple
17Polly Wolly Doodle (Studio)Shirley Temple
18When I'm With You (Studio)Shirley Temple
19But Definitely! (Studio)Shirley Temple
20Oh, My Goodness (Studio)Shirley Temple
21At the Codfish Ball (Studio)Shirley Temple
22Early Bird (Studio)Shirley Temple
23The Right Somebody to Love (Studio)Shirley Temple
24Goodnight, My Love (Studio)Shirley Temple
25That's What I Want for Christmas (Studio)Shirley Temple
26You've Got to S-M-I-L-E (To Be H-A Double P-Y) (Studio)Shirley Temple

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