Shola Ama

Boy, I just want to be
Your everything
I'll do anything for you
All you gotta do is just let go
And we can flow
I know that you've been hurt before
But I can't get with you
If you close the door
The night I gave my love to you
Was about what I felt
In my heart for you
You're the one I love
So don't even trip
I will never creep
Like the others did
You're the one 1 love
Baby, it's like that I will never stop
'Cause 1 know what I got
You make me want to give
It all to you
And keep it real, for true
I know that you see
That your the one for me

You're the one
You're the one I love
You're the one
And keep it real
Baby, you're the one

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