Shut Your Eyes (Harlem Remix)

Shut Your Eyes (Harlem Remix)

Shout Out Louds

Say yes don't say no cause I'm ready now
And I want to go but if I'll cry cry cry I won't
So I'll die die die no I won't
I want to know so please say it isn't so

It's now and we're too late there's no time for a debate
But if you swear you'll never leave
I promise you I will be the one who stays there all along
So shut shut shut your eyes it sounds so good right now

And it came as a big surprise ha ha
Stay true and don't give up we're only started now so please stay up
But if I'll shout shout shout my name
You will always remember my name
I want to know so please say it is so

Published by BUG MUSIC

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