Gang Of $  (Album Version)

Gang Of $ (Album Version)

Shudder to Think

Hey Mr. Dancin
My drink is on a short leash
My mouth is a coldsore display case
Here's a tip - you could take a lot of abuse if you exchange your skin for leather
All over town they've got these like messenger girls that ride around on innertubes
Their asses are all scraped up
Their eyes cold kick me off the bus, y'all

One honey donut and our lips are stuck to the seat
You close the door on my machine girl you laugh a lot and run around
I'm out of fun and I'm stuck here

Another tempting tail in the back
The ghost of my mom is in the telephone booth
Look at that blind evil Rapunzel taking care of the guy who beat her up
Ooh I hope you call soon nothing's right
I cab it to the bathtub
Sugar and wine, a dozen sharks, and a bar of soap of course

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