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The Jazz Effect - Sidney Bechet

The Jazz Effect - Sidney Bechet

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1Sweet LoraineSidney Bechet
2My Unusual ManSidney Bechet
3Trixie BluesSidney Bechet
4ShagSidney Bechet
5Original Haitian MusicSidney Bechet
6Meringue d'amourSidney Bechet
7Jack I'm MellowSidney Bechet
8Preachin' BluesSidney Bechet
9Blues in ThirdsSidney Bechet
10Wild Cat BluesSidney Bechet
11Uncle JoeSidney Bechet
12Shake It and Break ItSidney Bechet
13Sweet PatootieSidney Bechet
14Really the BluesSidney Bechet
15What a DreamSidney Bechet
16Original Haitian Music, Pt. IISidney Bechet
17Perdido Street BluesSidney Bechet
18Bechet Creole BluesSidney Bechet
19Coal Black ShineSidney Bechet
20I Want You TonightSidney Bechet
21My Daddy Rocks Me, Pt. ISidney Bechet
22Magic Island - MeringueSidney Bechet
23Blues of BechetSidney Bechet
24I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden SaySidney Bechet
25Bandana DaysSidney Bechet
26Original Haitian Music, Pt. IIISidney Bechet
27Pounding Heart BluesSidney Bechet
28The MoochieSidney Bechet
29Okey-DokeSidney Bechet
30When You and I Were Young MaggieSidney Bechet
31Mayotte - MeringueSidney Bechet
32Tropical Moon - RhumbaSidney Bechet
33Make Me a Pallet on the FloorSidney Bechet
34I Am a WomanSidney Bechet
35Colonel BogeySidney Bechet
36Old Man BluesSidney Bechet
37Egyptian FantasySidney Bechet
38Sous les palmiers - meringueSidney Bechet
39I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None 'o' This Jelly RollSidney Bechet
40Ti RalphSidney Bechet
41Baba - RhumbaSidney Bechet
42Original Haitian Music, Pt. IVSidney Bechet
43Chant in the NightSidney Bechet
44Strange FruitSidney Bechet
45Blue Monday on Sugar HillSidney Bechet
46Toot It Brother ArmstrongSidney Bechet
47That's a-PlentySidney Bechet
48When the Sun Sets Down SouthSidney Bechet
49Swing ParadeSidney Bechet
50Blackstick BluesSidney Bechet
51Nobody Knows the Way I Feel Dis Mornin'Sidney Bechet
52Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama)Sidney Bechet
53Viper MadSidney Bechet
54He May Be Your Man but He Comes to See Me SometimesSidney Bechet
55Sidney's BluesSidney Bechet
56Stompy JonesSidney Bechet
57Ja DaSidney Bechet
58When It's Sleepy Time Down SouthSidney Bechet
59My Daddy Rocks Me, Pt. IISidney Bechet
60Blues for You JohnnySidney Bechet
61Just Wild About HarrySidney Bechet
62Jungle DrumsSidney Bechet
63Save It Pretty MamaSidney Bechet
64Freight Train BluesSidney Bechet
65Rose RumbaSidney Bechet
66Blues for TommySidney Bechet
67Characteristic BluesSidney Bechet

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