Silver Box
    • Silver Box
    • Released in 2009
    • 60 Songs


    1Life In A Day (Live)Simple Minds
    1The American (Demo)Simple Minds
    1Waterfront (Live)Simple Minds
    1Travelling Man (Live)Simple Minds
    1Swimming Towards The SunSimple Minds
    2Chelsea Girl (Live)Simple Minds
    2Life In Oils (Demo)Simple Minds
    2Ghost Dancing (Live)Simple Minds
    2East At Easter (Live)Simple Minds
    2Jeweller to the StarsSimple Minds
    3Here Comes The Fool (Live)Simple Minds
    3Sweat In Bullet (Demo)Simple Minds
    3Book Of Brilliant Things (Live)Simple Minds
    3Bangin' On The Door (Live)Simple Minds
    3SpaceSimple Minds
    4Changeling (Live)Simple Minds
    4Love Song (Demo)Simple Minds
    4Once Upon A Time (Live)Simple Minds
    4Stand By Love (Live)Simple Minds
    4Death By ChocolateSimple Minds
    5Premonition (Live)Simple Minds
    5Promised You A Miracle (Live)Simple Minds
    5All The Things She Said (Live)Simple Minds
    5Oh Jungleland (Live)Simple Minds
    5Waiting At the End Of The WorldSimple Minds
    6Citizen (Dance Of Youth) (Live)Simple Minds
    6In Trance As Mission (Live)Simple Minds
    6Alive And Kicking (Live)Simple Minds
    6King Is White And In The Crowd (Live)Simple Minds
    6Neon CowboysSimple Minds
    7Room (Live)Simple Minds
    7Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Live)Simple Minds
    7Sanctify Yourself (Live)Simple Minds
    7Big Sleep (Live)Simple Minds
    7She KnowsSimple Minds
    8I Travel (Demo)Simple Minds
    8Glittering Prize (Live)Simple Minds
    8Mandela Day (Live) (2004 Digital Remaster)Simple Minds
    8Let There Be Love (Live)Simple Minds
    8HelloSimple Minds
    9Celebrate (Demo)Simple Minds
    9Hunter And The Hunted (Live)Simple Minds
    9Real Life (Live)Simple Minds
    9Ghost Rider (Live)Simple Minds
    9Happy Is The ManSimple Minds
    10Thirty Frames A Second (Demo)Simple Minds
    10The Kick Inside Of Me (Live)Simple Minds
    10See The Lights (Live)Simple Minds
    10Belfast Child (Live)Simple Minds
    10SleepingSimple Minds
    11Twist/Run/Repulsion (Demo)Simple Minds
    11New Gold Dream (Live)Simple Minds
    11She's A River (Live)Simple Minds
    12Capital City (Demo)Simple Minds
    12Don't You (Forget About Me) (Live)Simple Minds
    12Up On The Catwalk (Live)Simple Minds
    13New Warm Skin (Demo)Simple Minds
    13Hypnotised (Live)Simple Minds
    14Constantinople Line (Demo)Simple Minds
    15Careful In Career (Demo)Simple Minds

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