Sleepy John Estes

Tennessee Blues No. 2

Tennessee Blues No. 2

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  • Tennessee Blues No. 2


1You're So FineHammie Nixon
2Nix's BoogieHammie Nixon
3Sweet Old KokomoHammie Nixon
4My BabeHammie Nixon
5But Someday BabyHammie Nixon
6Yeller YamsHammie Nixon
7Yeller Yams (No. 2)Hammie Nixon
8You Know I Don't Want No WomanHammie Nixon
9Somebody Done Changed That Little Lock on My DoorHammie Nixon
10Sweet Old Kokomo (No. 2)Hammie Nixon
11Sugar MamaHammie Nixon
12So LongHammie Nixon
13She Keeps Me Worried and Bothered All the TimeHammie Nixon
14Holy Spirit Don't Eave MeHammie Nixon
15Lord Have MercySleepy John Estes
16Clean That HomeSleepy John Estes
17When You Lose Your EyesightSleepy John Estes
18I Wanna Tear It All the TimeSleepy John Estes
19I'm TwistSleepy John Estes
20Broke and HungrySleepy John Estes
21She Was a DreamerSleepy John Estes
22Someday Baby BluesSleepy John Estes
23MailmanSleepy John Estes
24Kansas City BluesSleepy John Estes
25Need MoreSleepy John Estes
26I Came for To Do ItSleepy John Estes
27John & Hammie's BluesSleepy John Estes
28The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly HairSleepy John Estes

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