The In Set (Album Version)

The In Set (Album Version)

Smash Mouth

Well I go where they go
And I know who I wanna know
We are the in set
They don't trip if you're hip
At the velvet rope off the strip
We are the in set

Call me cruel and unkind
But I'm cool and refined like a robot

If you're not down with us
You're down below
Where have you been?
Who do you know?
It's no secret this is our big show
And we will never let you down
Never ever ever

Well the pond may be big but it ain't deep if you dig
On the in set
Little fish, swim away, I suggest you go and play
On the swingset

And I was a junkie way before it was cool
With that I'll leave you...

We're just driving this Jalopy til it grinds to a halt
And that's our mission
A Hollywood tradition

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