Snoop Dogg

Stacey Boots; perms and suits; I'm braided up; can fade it up
I skated up; you waited up, so you know I got to go ahead and tear s*** up
Turn loose on these muthaf***ers, Jelly Roll
Nephew, boy this s*** is out of control
Rockin', rollin', bangin', B
A little something, something n****; that's banged up streets
Freak, freak y'all, into the beat y'all
And to all my big doggs: grab your meat ch'all
And yes, yes y'all, oh, we the best y'all
We got the s*** that make the b****es grab they breast y'all
It don't stop till the wheels fall off
Nine fifty-four headed swervin' in the goodin' clinic, tryin' keep it hot right
F***ers spot light, my n****, Jelly Roll, make it knock light

We all shinin' stars
Y'all know who you are
And dip low lows with me
You party with a D.P.G.

We ridin', dippin', slippin', slidin', eastside up eastsiders
Riders, ballers, rollers, ladies
Players, gangstas, macks, pimps, and 'llacs
Hustlers, b****es, n****s, and G's; we having big thangs blowing trees
Shinin', grinin', refuse to lose
I gotta a G in my pocket for dippin' out of shoes
I head the corner in the Navigator
Committed to excellence like a Raider
You hate a n**** like me, but you got to love me
Your lady want to shove me, and your kids want to hug me
A n****, f***in', like Buggsy Seagal again; I'm in the ringle again
I do it all legal again; I can't lose; you won't win; respect the boss
If you run up, you gettin' done up; I love to floss


Why you acting bad? Probably 'cause I'm know as the bad actor
In the rap game, I'm the big factor, macker; smack a b**** in a second
The big dogg n****, very well respected
You gotta put your mash down when you want to get to the top
The game is stuffy like Puffy don't stop
I thought I told ya, n****, I'm a soldier
No Limit lieutenant; yeah, I did it
I'm committed like a motherf***er supposed to be
Won't let no b**** n****z close to me
From my head to my feet, I'm protected from harm
'Cause I'm a muthaf***ing shining star; you feel me?
And f*** who want to kill me
You n****z thrill me, but guess what will be
On top tip top, non-stop, dogg not
And you gotta let me end; the n****, I'm a shine like a G


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