Surrender To A Stranger (MHC Remix (Edit))

Surrender To A Stranger (MHC Remix (Edit))

Soft Cell


I'd like to drown me in my coffee
Counting hours with cappuccinos

Sitting framed within the window

I sit here acting like I'm reading
I'm lonely

I'm reading minds

And sadly dreaming
There's some of me left to believe in



That businessman smell
Found in one night hotels

The sheets are unwashed

Tobacco and sweat
From the stories they tell

And initials in dust

The man at the desk
Throws you looks of disgust

Soon I'll try hard to lose you
Drown you in my cappuccino



Sodom and Gomorrah
Come tomorrow

I won't know you from Adam or Eve

Look me in the eyes

And tell me you love me

Once, before you leave



Written by B. GUY
Published by BUG MUSIC

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