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1Teen Age RiotSonic Youth
1The SprawlSonic Youth
2Silver RocketSonic Youth
2'Cross The BreezeSonic Youth
3The SprawlSonic Youth
3Hey JoniSonic Youth
4'Cross The BreezeSonic Youth
4Silver RocketSonic Youth
5KissabilitySonic Youth
5Eric's TripSonic Youth
6Eric's TripSonic Youth
6Total TrashSonic Youth
7CandleSonic Youth
7Hey JoniSonic Youth
8ProvidenceSonic Youth
8The WonderSonic Youth
9HyperstationSonic Youth
9CandleSonic Youth
10Rain KingSonic Youth
10Eliminator Jr.Sonic Youth
11ProvidenceSonic Youth
11KissabilitySonic Youth
12Trilogy: a) The WonderSonic Youth
12Teen Age RiotSonic Youth
13Rain KingSonic Youth
13Trilogy: b) HyperstationSonic Youth
14Trilogy: z) Eliminator Jr.Sonic Youth
14Totally TrashedSonic Youth
15Total TrashSonic Youth
15Eric's TripSonic Youth
16Within You Without YouSonic Youth
17Touch Me I'm SickSonic Youth
18Computer AgeSonic Youth
19ElectricitySonic Youth

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