Jivin' The Blues

Jivin' The Blues

Sonny Boy Williamson

Jivin' The Blues Track #16 2:51
Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee)
John Lee Williamson - vocal and harmonica
With Joshua Altheimer - piano, Fred Williams - drums
Chicago May 17, 1940
Album: 'Sugar Mama'
The Essential Recordings of Sonny Boy Williamson
Indigo Recording Ltd IGOCD 2014
Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com

Say now, now come 'ere
I, I just wanna talk wit' you, you know

I want to show you how to Suzy Q
Now, you watch

Ah, don't have to work your feet
You just hold up your fingers

I'm gonna show you now, you watch


I don't care nothin' 'bout your engagement ring

Oh, come o'are here
At least you can talk with me, you know

Oh, just, just let me t-t-t tell
You somethin', you know

Oh, I don't wanna marry, no way
Now, watch


None a-this, jazz
Oh, you ain't coming' at all, huh?

Oh, I know you don't love me, you love somebody
But I just wanna talk wit'ch you

Let Sonny Boy just tell you a word, hear?

Oh, that the way you do me a snub

But watch!


Yes! Yes!

I wish I'd a met you ah, much earlier
You know, than I did, ah
Maybe I'm a little too late

But I just wanna show you how to Suzy Q
Come on out, you don't have to work your feet
Just hold your fingers

Look now, I'm gon' teach you!

Now you just watch

(harmonica and boogie to end)


Written by BROWN, ROBERT
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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