Caroline, Or Change
    • Caroline, Or Change
    • Released in 2004
    • 53 Songs


    116 Feet Beneath The SeaSoundtrack
    1Santa Comin' CarolineSoundtrack
    2Little RewardSoundtrack
    2The RadioSoundtrack
    3Laundry QuintetSoundtrack
    4Noah Down The StairsSoundtrack
    4Mr. Gellman's ShirtSoundtrack
    5Ooh ChildSoundtrack
    5The CigaretteSoundtrack
    6Laundry FinishSoundtrack
    6Rose RecoversSoundtrack
    7The DryerSoundtrack
    7I Saw Three ShipsSoundtrack
    8I Got Four KidsSoundtrack
    8The Chanukah PartySoundtrack
    9Dotty And EmmieSoundtrack
    9Caroline, There's Extra FoodSoundtrack
    10There Is No God, NoahSoundtrack
    10I Don't Want My Child To Hear ThatSoundtrack
    11Mr. Stopnick And EmmieSoundtrack
    11Rose Stopnick Can CookSoundtrack
    12Kitchen FightSoundtrack
    12Long DistanceSoundtrack
    13Dotty And CarolineSoundtrack
    13A Twenty Dollar Bill And WhySoundtrack
    14I Hate The BusAnika Noni Rose
    14Moon ChangeSoundtrack
    15Moon TrioSoundtrack
    15Moon, Emmie And Stuart TrioSoundtrack
    16The Twenty Dollar BillSoundtrack
    16The BusSoundtrack
    17That Can't BeSoundtrack
    17Caroline And Noah FightSoundtrack
    18Noah And RoseSoundtrack
    19Sunday MorningSoundtrack
    20Lot's WifeSoundtrack
    21Salty TeardropsSoundtrack
    21Duets: No One Waitin'Soundtrack
    22Why Does Our House Have A Basement?Soundtrack
    22Duets: 'Night MammaAnika Noni Rose
    23Duets: Gonna Pass Me A LawSoundtrack
    24Duets: Noah Go To SleepSoundtrack
    25Noah Has A ProblemSoundtrack
    26Stuart And NoahSoundtrack
    27Quarter In The Bleach CupSoundtrack
    28Caroline Take My Money HomeSoundtrack
    29Roosevelt Petrucius ColeslawSoundtrack

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