Devdas - An Adaptation Of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's "Devdas"
    • Devdas - An Adaptation Of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's "Devdas"
    • Released in 2011
    • 23 Songs


    1Title MusicSoundtrack
    2Dialogue: Devdas Arrives - Paro Is InformedSoundtrack
    3Song: Silsila Ye Chahat KaShreya Ghosal
    4Dialogue: Devdas Meets ParoSoundtrack
    5Song: Woh Chand Jaisi LadkiUdit Narayan
    6Dialogue: Devdas Gets A Heirloom "Kangan" From Dadi, Presents It To ParoSoundtrack
    7Song: Bairi PiyaVarious Artists
    8Dialogue: Deception Of SumitraSoundtrack
    9Song: Morey PiyaVarious Artists
    10Devdas And Paro's Fateful Meeting ... Dev's Confrontation With Father ... Dev Meets Chunnibabu ... Chunnibabu Initiates Dev To Chandramukhi's KothaSoundtrack
    11Song: Kaahe ChhedVarious Artists
    12Dialogue: Paro's Wedding, Dev's Please UnansweredSoundtrack
    13Song: Hamesha Tumko ChahaVarious Artists
    14Dialogue: Paro's First Meeting With Her HusbandSoundtrack
    15Dialogue: Dev Comes To In Chandramukhi's House ... Kali Babu's Challenges To Chandra Mukhi & Dev's EntrySoundtrack
    16Song: Maar DalaVarious Artists
    17Dialogue: Dev Arrives Drunk At His Father's FuneralSoundtrack
    18Dialogue: Paro Meets Chandramukhi ... Invites Her For Durga PoojaSoundtrack
    19Song: Dola ReVarious Artists
    20Dialogue: Kali Babu Unveils Chandramukhi's IdentitySoundtrack
    21Chanibabu Cheers Dev Up, Offers "Jaam"Soundtrack
    22Song: Chalak ChalakVarious Artists
    23Dev Is Seriously Ill, Leaves Chandramukhi's House ... Last Journey To Meet ParoSoundtrack

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