Sounds of Sci-Fi

Sounds of Sci-Fi

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12001 a Space Odyssey: Also Sprach ZarathustraSoundtrack
2Blade RunnerSoundtrack
3Star Wars: Main Title and Ambush on CoruscantSoundtrack
4Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: Imperial MarchSoundtrack
5Close Encounters of the Third KindSoundtrack
6Theme from Battlestar GalacticaSoundtrack
7Main Theme from Total RecallSoundtrack
8Theme From a Clockwork OrangeSoundtrack
9Main Theme from AlienSoundtrack
10Main Theme from Twilight ZoneSoundtrack
11Main Theme from FrankensteinSoundtrack
12Main Theme from CocoonSoundtrack
13Theme From X-filesSoundtrack
14Theme From Terminator 2: Judgement DaySoundtrack
15Theme from SupermanSoundtrack
16Theme From Independence DaySoundtrack
17Theme From Planet of the ApesSoundtrack
18Dune: Dune (Desert Theme)Soundtrack
19Theme From Star Trek Ii - Wrath of KhanSoundtrack
20Theme From Star Trek: the Next GenerationSoundtrack
21Theme From GodzillaSoundtrack
22Alien 3: Agnus DeiSoundtrack
23Theme From E.T.Soundtrack
24Jurassic ParkSoundtrack
25Theme From ArmageddonSoundtrack
26Theme From King KongSoundtrack
27Theme From Matrix ReloadedSoundtrack

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