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Sounds of Sci-Fi

Sounds of Sci-Fi

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12001 a Space Odyssey: Also Sprach ZarathustraSoundtrack
2Blade RunnerSoundtrack
3Star Wars: Main Title and Ambush on CoruscantSoundtrack
4Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: Imperial MarchSoundtrack
5Close Encounters of the Third KindDLG Orchestra
6Theme from Battlestar Galactica101 Strings Orchestra
7Main Theme from Total RecallOrlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
8Theme From a Clockwork OrangeSoundtrack
9Main Theme from AlienOrlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
10Main Theme from Twilight ZoneOrlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
11Main Theme from FrankensteinOrlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
12Main Theme from CocoonOrlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
13Theme From X-filesSoundtrack
14Theme From Terminator 2: Judgement DaySoundtrack
15Theme from SupermanSoundtrack
16Theme From Independence DaySoundtrack
17Theme From Planet of the ApesSoundtrack
18Dune: Dune (Desert Theme)Soundtrack
19Theme From Star Trek Ii - Wrath of KhanSoundtrack
20Theme From Star Trek: the Next GenerationSoundtrack
21Theme From GodzillaSoundtrack
22Alien 3: Agnus DeiSoundtrack
23Theme From E.T.Soundtrack
24Jurassic ParkSoundtrack
25Theme From ArmageddonSoundtrack
26Theme From King KongSoundtrack
27Theme From Matrix ReloadedSoundtrack

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