Their Sympathetic Majesties Request
    • Their Sympathetic Majesties Request
    • Released in 1998
    • 48 Songs


    1Baby What's NewThe Shitbirds
    1Boy ChuckerRocket from the Crypt
    2Neighborhood GirlsVacant Lot
    2I Don't WannaThe Zeros
    3Primordial OozeThe Nomads
    3Suicide DriveSludge
    4The Supersuckers / I'm PoorSupersuckers
    4D.I.E. In IndianaLazy Cowgirls
    5Trash Can School / Baby LustTrash Can School
    5Way Out LoverChrome Cranks
    6Soft Beds, Hard BattlesThe Pooh Sticks
    6Tic TokRed Planet Rocketts
    7Spanish DollAmerican Soul Spiders
    7New LoveThe Muffs
    8Sit On My FaceDwarves
    8SuccotashClaw Hammer
    9Signorini SignorittiPink Slip Daddy
    9I Love You Big DummyJonestown
    10Get On Your KneesThe Devil Dogs
    10The Daggers / Kiss That GirlDaggers
    11Rock In The SeaThe Love Dolls
    11The Coneheads / The Happiest Day Of Her LifeConeheads
    12Phonebill SongHole
    12Trur Love Will Find You In The EndSpectrum
    13Heavy Black NoiseSacred Miracle Cave
    13Surfside DatePanther Burns
    14Snake, Rattle And RollMonsieur Jeffrey Evans
    14QueenieEthyl Meatplow
    15Fish PieThee Headcoatees
    15How Low Can You GoGod Bullies
    16Maria's The NameEl Vez
    16Gloomy SundaySatin's Sadists
    17Lightning ScaryKim Salmon
    17Ron Urini / Wild Venis On WheelsRon Urini
    18St. JonThe Humpers
    18True LoveThe Blackflies
    19Wild LoveThe Friggs
    19Little SuzieBored
    20Gibson Bros / BarbaraThe Gibson Bros.
    20I'm TrashPenetration
    21ThemeSleez Sisters
    22Hatred, Ridicule & ContemptThee Headcoats
    23Way Back WhenMiracle Workers
    24Trbngr / Zonked Out On HashishTurbonegro
    25Blundertongue / Long Tall WillyBlundertongue
    26Crowbar Salvation / Sack LunchCrowbar Salvation

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