Spike Jones, (Not) Your Standard Spike Jones Collection
    • Spike Jones, (Not) Your Standard Spike Jones Collection
    • Released in 2006
    • 79 Songs


    1Sheik of Araby—from the 1921 show “Make It Snappy”—vocals by Carol GraysonSpike Jones
    1Come Josephine In My Flying MachineSpike Jones
    1Last HorizonSpike Jones
    2I’m Going To Write Home—vocals by Carol GraysonSpike Jones
    2Don’t Talk To Me About WomenSpike Jones
    2Love For SaleSpike Jones
    3Three Little Worlds—from the 1930 film “Check and Double Check” revived in 1950 film “Three Little Words”-- V: King JacksonSpike Jones
    3Big Bad BillSpike Jones
    3Moanin’ LowSpike Jones
    4You’re A Sap Mister Jap-- V: Boys In The Back RoomsSpike Jones
    4Horsey, Keep Your Tail UpSpike Jones
    4Trailer AnnieSpike Jones
    5SiamSpike Jones
    5Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel (Use An Ax Instead)Spike Jones
    5Yankee DoodlerSpike Jones
    6Down In Jungle TownSpike Jones
    6Cocktails For Two—from 1934 film “Murder At The Vanities”—V: Carl Grayson and the City SlickersSpike Jones
    6Hotcha, CornyaSpike Jones
    7Whittle Out A WhistleSpike Jones
    7Mary Lou—revived in 1948 film “Mary Lou”, V: Mixed QuartetSpike Jones
    7Hey, MableSpike Jones
    8Boogie, Woogie, CowboySpike Jones
    8By the Beautiful SeaSpike Jones
    8He Broke My Heart In Three Places (She Broke My Heart In Three Places)—V: Nilson TwinsSpike Jones
    9At Last I’m First With YouSpike Jones
    9Dodging A Gal From Dodge CitySpike Jones
    9Sailin’ On The Robert E. LeeSpike Jones
    10The Great Big Saw Came Nearer And NearerSpike Jones
    10LiebestraumSpike Jones
    10Serenade To A JerkSpike Jones
    11His Rocking Horse Ran AwaySpike Jones
    11City Slicker PolkaSpike Jones
    11Ridin’ Home With YouSpike Jones
    12Oh How She Lied To MeSpike Jones
    12Now LaughSpike Jones
    12Red Grow The RosesSpike Jones
    13Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Good-bye)Spike Jones
    13That’s What Makes The World Go RoundSpike Jones
    13Jamboree JonesSpike Jones
    14Don’t Give The Chair To BusterSpike Jones
    14Down By The O Hi OSpike Jones
    14You Always Hurt The One You LoveSpike Jones
    15Chlo-E (Song of the Swamp)Spike Jones
    15Forty Eight Reasons WhySpike Jones
    15Casey JonesSpike Jones
    16The Glow WormSpike Jones
    16De Camptown Races With GesturesSpike Jones
    16The Blue DanubeSpike Jones
    17That Old Black MagicSpike Jones
    17Blacksmith SongSpike Jones
    17Red WingSpike Jones
    18Holiday For StringsSpike Jones
    18Der Fuehrer’s FaceSpike Jones
    18Row, Row, RowSpike Jones
    19I Wanna Go Back To West VirginiaSpike Jones
    19No, No NoraSpike Jones
    19Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag And Smile, Smile, SmileSpike Jones
    20Water LouSpike Jones
    20Hi NeighborSpike Jones
    20They Go Wild Simply Wild Over MeSpike Jones
    21Behind Those Swingin’ DoorsSpike Jones
    21St-St-St-StellaSpike Jones
    21Oh By JingoSpike Jones
    22Clink Clink Another DrinkSpike Jones
    22It Had To Be YouSpike Jones
    22I Know A StorySpike Jones
    23Hi-Ho, My LadySpike Jones
    23Barstool CowboySpike Jones
    23When Buddha SmilesSpike Jones
    24Moo Woo WooSpike Jones
    24Paddlin’ Madelin HomeSpike Jones
    24John Scotter TrottSpike Jones
    25Fort Worth JailSpike Jones
    25Cheatin’ On The SandmanSpike Jones
    25Little Bo Beep Has Lost Her JeepSpike Jones
    26Girl I Left Behind MeSpike Jones
    26Pass The Biscuits MirandySpike Jones
    26Sailor With The Navy Blue EyesSpike Jones
    27Camptown Races #2Spike Jones

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