I'm Coming Home   (LP Version)

I'm Coming Home (LP Version)

The Spinners

I'm coming home
The stylistics
Wear a pretty dress
'Cause I'm coming home
Baby, look your best
'Cause I'm coming home
Been away so long
Left you all alone
Baby, I was wrong
Now I'm coming home
Flowers in your hair
Wear them just for me
Please, be waiting there
Please God, let it be
It's a lonesome road
Far away from home
Many dreams have died
Struggling in the night
Have cried
Scared of coming home
Scared of what I'll find
Is it still my home?
Will you still, be mine?
Girl I've gone trough hell
But I know damn well
Home is where you are
And I'm coming home
Home is where you are
And I'm coming home

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